i feel like this is kind of a weird opinion to have but i’m pretty willing to accept just about anybody as queer if they’re doing anything other than the kind of thing that is accepted & promoted as “normal” and “straight.”

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cool art kids

so school is about to start and i’m reminded that i go to school with a lot of really incredible artists!! my classmates are overwhelmingly good at what they do, and 90% of them are super cool people to boot, and i’m really honored to get to call them my peers & watch them work. my year, the current juniors, as well as the current seniors and incoming sophomores are well worth getting excited about.

anyway here’s a list of my cool classmates and their art blogs:

tobi kingfatkat — lively characters, great style & color usage

taylor tr4tart — gouache master & worldbuilding nut

johannah pink-o — queen of lineless pinups, demon babes & cool modern kitsch

jasper confinedclone — all about astronauts & fantastic style

courtney kcaibelisle — cool figure artist, erotica master

ryan plaisance — sweet animator who draws tough ladies

caroline sloppykiss — painter of more cool ladies

jessica jbecksart — cutie cutie style & limitless potential

kborch — conceptual master of many mediums

jucarl — incredible digital abstraction & painting, with graphic design for flavor

kwroten — reigning sovereign of comics, all hail

also, here’s some irl friends who used to be classmates, because they’re also fantastic:

iggi peepeedottabee — pixel artist, game-maker, and cute crafter

dexlin draws — fantastic style, really slick digital work

joe jhandsy — pixel artist & game-making jack-of-all-trades

milly bastion-bourbon — surreal fanartist & abstract charcoal royalty (also WORLD’S BEST ROOMMATE)

this definitely isn’t all of them, but just a list of classmates whose work I admire and whose tumblrs I could remember (which i’ll probably update once i get back to school and remember more). i seriously can’t exaggerate how thankful i am to be able to watch these guys work & get their feedback on my own work. godspeed this semester, yall. it’s gonna be a good one~~~

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Weight Loss:


reblogging this b/c its been in my bookmarks for a while and i’ve finally started using it!! i’ve been doing the routine for deep sleep at night before I go to bed and it’s so relaxing. i already feel like i’m starting to become more flexible~~

Anonymous » Regarding the whole feminism debacle, don't you think that a website like Cracked should probably not take sides on issues like this and begin alienating fans?


[Speaking on behalf of myself and not Cracked-at-Large, the policies and shape of which are not under my sole jurisdiction.]

I’m not talking/thinking about every sub-faction of feminism and every misguided protest or action that has resulted from a misinterpretation OF feminism, because feminism is such a huge thing and, as Soren pointed out, not everyone is going to be getting it right, all the time. There will be feminist spin-off groups that don’t quite grasp the message, there will be groups that pervert and distort it for their own agenda, and there will be groups that go overboard and so on, but that is true of literally every movement (civil rights-related, political, religious or otherwise) in the history of time.

I’m by no means an expert, which is why I’m trying to learn, but what I think about when I talk about feminism is what I remember being articulated to me by my sisters-in-law and what I saw/see embodied by my Mom’s example (and my Dad’s, for that matter), and it’s a really simple and clear message to me: Equal political, economic and social rights for men and women. There are smaller and more specific aspects of this broader conversation that are a particular focus of mine (representation in fiction/pop culture, educating people to help make an America where a woman can walk down the street at night feeling exactly as safe as I do, every night of my freaking life [which is to say, very]), but the core remains the same:  Equality where it doesn’t currently exist.

So, when you talk about “taking sides,” my knee-jerk response is, uh, what’s your side? I’m not trying to be glib here. I could be wrong but, according to my slow, caveman brain, if my side is equality for men and women then the other side must be inequality, right? And if that’s the case, then, no, I don’t feel any responsibility to give the other side representation in my writing. There’s the potential that in doing so I’ll be alienating readers that either want men to have more rights than women or women to have more rights than men, but that’s a risk I’m absolutely fine with.

i’ve been reading cracked since i was in middle school and things like this make me really proud of it. Cracked hasn’t always been the friendliest place to minorities or women and they’re definitely not perfect, but the fact that big writers like DOB are willing to listen and learn is a big deal. the fact that a big, beloved, hilarious website like Cracked goes out of its way to host articles that use comedy to point out the fucked up parts of nerd culture (in a world where comedy is often used as an excuse to talk shit about minorities with impugnity, because ~it’s funny~) is huge. things like this make me proud to be a fan and happy to recommend cracked to other people— people like DOB and Soren and John Cheese are hilarious, and they use comedy to talk about some pretty important stuff.


1 year difference omfg

its a bob kind of night

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atra tagged me to list some books that are important to me but i barely read anymore so i probably can’t list ten

  1. The Giver by Lois Lowery
  2. Salamandastron by Brian Jacques
  3. Breathers by S. G. Browne
  4. Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
  5. Falling Up by Shel Silverstein
  6. The Great Gatsby
  7. Real Boys by William Pollack
  8. Nobody Passes by Mattilda Bernstein
  9. anything by mary roach but especially Stiff
  10. Green Angel by Alice Hoffman

this took me a lot longer than i thought it would lmao but there it is. i’m really stoked about the giver becoming a movie, even though reviews haven’t been great, because it’s one of my favorite books of all time. i grew up with brian jacques. shel silverstein is probably my favorite poet in the world and i’d like to get a tattoo of his poetry/art someday. the great gatsby was relevant when i read it in high school and relevant when the movie came out. real boys is about the psychology of how much pushing masculinity/manhood fucks up young men. nobody passes is about passing in every sense of the word, and was a really emotional read when i read it this summer. mary roach is a genius with a great voice who is really into science, and his books are both hilarious and educational. green angel is a really emotional book that i bought in elementary school and i’m still mad that i lent it to one of my classmates who then never returned it to me.

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Maybe email someone in the program, I’m sure they have contingency plans for this sort of thing.

I emailed the student coordinator about it (the one who sent out the original email about it) and asked if it would be possible for me to still apply, but she hasn’t responded. The email said the deadline was yesterday and school starts on Monday sooooOO I’M NOT HOPEFUL LMAO….

i can deal with having the wrong name on class rosters, it’s whatever, most of the teachers know me already and those who don’t are usually cool about calling me “slimm”, but i would really like it if my birthname & she/her/hers weren’t on every email i send out and every piece of documentation about me and it would be nice to get some official backup on teachers using the right pronouns hhhhahaaha