So the Fox Mask is in! And it’s really fantastic!

Review time! Good stuff:

  • It feels sturdy! If someone punched me in the face hard enough it’d probably break, but I could probably drop it and it would be alright.
  • The texture on the outside is really… touchable. Very nice satiny-smooth, matte finish. I keep petting the bridge of the nose because the surface is just so nice in places.
  • Surprisingly good visibility
  • Larger than I had expected, so it looks a bit big on someone as tiny as me and doesn’t touch my chin, but could also definitely fit somebody with a much larger head/face
  • Very comfortable to wear (thanks to the foam insert along the forehead/nose bridge where it sits) and easy to breathe in. Also, doesn’t smell like plastic!

Not-so-great stuff:

  • The backs of the ears look downright awful, which is understandable with a cast mask, but is disappointing because they’re going to stick up and be visible. It would be nice if they had been cast thicker and smoothed out.
  • Big bubbles in some places, making dark spots where the plastic is very thin. In general it has some awkwardly thin spots, particularly the ear and the edges of the mouth. However, it doesn’t seem to sacrifice the structural integrity of the mask much (aside from the ear, perhaps) and the resulting discoloration can probably be easily covered up with paint.
  • The eye slits are not very well carved out. Will probably need some touching-up with a dremel, x-acto, and sandpaper.
  • The mouth is really awkwardly asymmetrical. The right side is what is typically shown in her pictures, and it looks very different from the left.
  • A few stray hairs (synthetic, I think, presumably from fake fur or wigs) cast into the plastic, but only on the back side.
  • May or may not be able to be sanded to have a smoother finish. Overall it has a bit of a “sculpted in clay” texture, where some places are subtly bumpy and uneven whereas others (like the bridge of the nose) are unbelievably soft and smooth. I’m not going to try it because I don’t want to punch holes in the spots with bubbles….

Overall verdict: Really really nice mask, but nooot quite as nice as I was expecting. Much higher quality than I would be able to make myself, but about the quality you would expect from a handmade mask made by a busy person trying to fill what I presume are a cornucopia of orders for the Halloween season. Most of the flaws are in places that cannot be seen or can be easily covered up by paint, as it’s a mask intended to be painted. I love it and can’t wait to work on it, but I doubt think it’s worth the price— especially since MissMonster has raised it from $45 to $50 since I bought mine.

If you plan to buy one, definitely order it well in advance of when you plan to use it— I knew I wouldn’t get mine in time for Halloween, and the process means it took about two weeks to arrive from when I ordered it.

I’ll let you guys know how painting goes!

Happy Halloween errybody!

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