a question

Do you think that right and wrong would still be right and wrong if religion did not exist to define them? More vaguely, uhh… I guess, do you think is good an objective truth that exists outside the scope of.. whatever people use to define their morality, be it laws or religion or what-have-you? Or are right and wrong subject to an individual’s experiences, something that we make up on our own just as a result of being a part of civilization??

Like, say, the ten commandments, for example. Would things like murder, theft, and adultery still be wrong if there were no religious text laying out that murder, theft, and adultery were on the list of things that you shouldn’t do?

I already know what I think about this, and I’m not necessarily looking to start any kind of discussion (unless you want to discuss it), but I’m JUST…. curious to see what other people think……

haha this sounds really pretentious and wordy, gomen 9___9