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He gets all the lady’s *

and will go straight to jail

#bible thumpin


LATE NIGHT SKETCH of bible thumpin’, uploading from mt phone so that duckie will see in the morning but I won’t have to risk waking her up at 3am by texting 9v6 

domestic meme

digitalduckie asked you: 
Bible Thumpin’ for the domestic meme of course of course of course. And/Or Jer and Ace~


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now i’m just teasing you guys

honey he is a porn star

star of Medics Gone Mild

ommmgg cutiesss

hank is not cute and is in fact a Very Bad Person no doubt out to pillage cyrus’s virtue


I’m serious. He and Hank need to just hang out and be beard buddies.

u n me could have a beard romance

Dear Slim, Inspiration struck. I hope you enjoy. Love, ~Duckie ( ” )>