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I am pretty sure everyone who draws Lutece art has already done a variant of this, so I see it as continuing a tradition.

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bioshock infinite#
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bioshock infinite#


That guy in the gif with the cart though. It’s like “Right place, right time! I’mma sell popcorn and tickets!”


what if elizabeth tried harder at getting booker to dance and she’d just know all these different styles from looking through tears and booker’s all “im from 1912 and what is this”

You Rang, You Receive


So, spit it out. What’s your thoughts on Bioshock: Infinite? Don’t like it?
Hey sawbones. you are a rather wise person and id love to read your thoughts on bioshock infinite and the issues people have raised with it! I think your input would be a wave of fesh air. ;;
Tish, I would really love your opinions on Infinite whenever you are feeling less angry and up for writing about it. (I haven’t played the game and will make my own calls about it when I finally do, but also you make good arguments.)
I take it you want me to talk about Bioshock: Infinite. Spoilers ahead.

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Oh boy another post full of thoughts that are both good and more articulate than my own. Tish strikes again!


*gross sobbing* More Luteces.
ilu Bioshock Infinite. Why are you so amazing.
Finished 2 of my 5 commissions. Gave myself some leeway and drew this up the last two nights. 


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non-spoilery (mostly I guess??) thoughts about Bioshock Infinite, since I’m like ~5hrs in:

  • all the character designs are fantastic
  • the environment designs are also fantastic
  • wow it’s sO RACIST WOW it hurts my Sensitive Slimm heart at times
  • Booker is a very enjoyable protagonist and I like playing him
  • Elizabeth is probs the best-made (lady) companion I’ve seen in a game. As a part of gameplay, she is a boon rather than a chore (unlike most companions). As a character, she feels very genuine, and feels like A Character rather than A Lady Character, if that makes sense. You don’t see that very often and it’s just unbelievably feel-good satisfying.
  • for real i could go on about elizabeth forever i really really really adore her she is such a good character and i wanna hold hands with her
  • tbh with both booker and elizabeth both they steered clear of a lot of tropes to really positive effect
  • I like how the series has stepped away from body-horror/violence type scares and into the creepy feeling of a racist, classist, hyperreligious dystopia
  • even as someone who is constantly critiquing and examining the media I consume there has been only one moment so far where the developers’ choices pulled me out of the game in a negative way
  • overall it’s just an enjoyable game to play. it’s fun, it’s pretty, I like the gameplay, I like the characters, I like the lore, I like the story. it’s just a good, solid, playable game and I’m having fun as a player and I’m appreciative as a critic. a+ will play again asap
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God Only Knows
by Bioshock Infinite



Barbershop quartet version of “God Only Knows” from Bioshock Infinite.

There are quite a few anachronistic covers in Bioshock and this one was a particularly good one to start with early in the game.



New Bioshock Infinite trailer!


WOW geez I don’t get that hype about most new releases but wowowowow I’m so excited for bioshock infinite


Bioshock Infinite. Columbia Propaganda.