Anonymous » robot sex

having sex with robots or robots having sex with each other?

either way i

go away | no | rather not | I dunno | I guess | sure | yes | FUCK yes | oh god you don’t even know | right here, right now


Matching icons idea for you and your friends

we fucking did it kids

no but I use her beautiful perfect face for a reaction image sometimes ;^)

Have you tried resetting your wacom tablet preferences? Sometimes that helps rejigger the thing into working.

I don’t know how to do that :’0 but I will google it and try it out!

This happens to me sometimes. It either fixes itself over a little while or I uninstall and re-install the software, then it works again.

ah ok I’ll try that too. I’ve restarted multiple times, plugged, unplugged, reinstalled the drivers, all this other shit, and I suspect the pen may be broken, if neither of these work. which sucks haha I need that to work;;

also PS today I also got another needle shoved through my face oops

ITS… the black is a little intense hahaha I feel really conspicuous, if that makes sense. I can’t wait until I can switch it out for a ring, I feel like that will look a lot nicer.

faggotuscolossus » Carter is an athiest.

Ooohhh, I haven’t thought about that one! Maybe! His mother is an atheist for sure. His family as a whole might be Catholic.

faggotuscolossus » Duane loves Indian buffets.

True insomuch as Duane loves all food, particularly messy/greasy/juicy food. At his heart he’s in love with a lot of American staples, like big greasy chili dogs and Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. He fuckin’ loves curry, though. Eat curry with everything. He felt like a genius the day he invented the curry dog.

comradewodka » Carter likes seafood. He also took piano lessons as a kid but hasn't really touched one in a while. And he's an only child???? His parents paid for braces but he was incredibly irresponsible about wearing his retainer afterwards, hence his current tooth situation.

faggotuscolosseus asked you:
Carter eats a lot of take-out Chinese food.

True! Carter is an awesome cook but when he has to eat takeout, he prefers Chinese. He’s braved the murky parts of Chinatown on multiple occasions to find the very best restaurants there. He’s also got a thing for sushi.

The second two are also true— he’s a spoiled only child, and he did take piano for a long, long time. His parents even bought him a nice piano for his apartment when he moved out, but he hasn’t touched it in a long time, so he’s a little rusty. They still make him play carols when he comes home around Christmas.

I’M NOT SURE ABOUT THE LAST ONE but it might be true! I think gnarly crooked teeth might just run in his family, but I’m sure his parents tried their damndest to straighten them out during his youth. (I need to do a better job of drawing his teeth accurately jank.)

morality replies, cut for length!!

wow this wound up being a really long philosophy talk and I used lots of big words GOMEN… I AM REALLY INTERESTED IN THIS SUBJECT thank y’all for sharing your opinions!! uvu KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

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