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not my art#


Oops I haven’t drawn Cyrus in fucking forever and I got distracted now with RP and coloring so I didn’t finish this oh well.

Just look at those heels!!



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He gets all the lady’s *

and will go straight to jail

#bible thumpin



Slim and I decided that Hank and Cyrus should go play some golf together despite the fact that Hank at least knows nothing about golf. Then we realized golf attire is bad enough as it is without it being the 70’s. Granted I don’t have the time or focus to be doing this full color so they don’t look -as bad- as they could.

LATE NIGHT SKETCH of bible thumpin’, uploading from mt phone so that duckie will see in the morning but I won’t have to risk waking her up at 3am by texting 9v6 

domestic meme

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Bible Thumpin’ for the domestic meme of course of course of course. And/Or Jer and Ace~


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oh no i think ship this

it’s probably the crackiest ship that has ever sailed, because they’re on opposite teams and also hank is Totally Not Gay, and also may or may not harbor a few layers of semi-contrived hatred for Cyrus because Cyrus associates with That Goddamn Nazi Bastard

but they’re both Catholic and Cyrus has indeed saved Hank’s life before, and is probably one of the only BLUs that Hank has potential to really truly canonically not hate, so natch we like to think about them rubbing beards (and other things too)

(and then subsequently going to Confession about the whole thing)

oh no talking about my character relationships, ah……..!! gomen…….!!!

You really are and it’s not fair because I’m packing so I can’t doodle anything up too ;3; Hank can get fairly mushy fyi though he struggles with not wanting to treat other men ‘like a woman’ so he’s not always sure what he should do. Flowers?

cyrus would love flowers and chocolates and dates and holding hands and all that other mushy Stuff You Do For Girls. he’s actually fairly easy to please as long as he’s getting affection and feels secure so

jeez this is worse than sugoi HTTYD dragons

i know you want to vomit over this kind of thing, but do take into account that i’m rping porn ( “porn” ) with you in another window with our ship, so let me have my beard romance txen!!!!!

now i’m just teasing you guys

honey he is a porn star

star of Medics Gone Mild

ommmgg cutiesss

hank is not cute and is in fact a Very Bad Person no doubt out to pillage cyrus’s virtue


I’m serious. He and Hank need to just hang out and be beard buddies.

u n me could have a beard romance