sketch/value guide for my next etching print

didn’t mean for this to be quite so shippy ehehe

it’ll probably look quite different as a print, so crit’s not exactly what I need, but if you’ve any suggestions for better values and etc I’d be more than happy to hear them

edit: oops i just realised i forgot to finish the trees

fuckit im going to bed

lmao just keep that in mind whatever

txen is a weirdo and thinks everyone in sworcery was some kind of weird alien because she’s insane, but this is still a really fucking great print bhfdlkgfh

if I had to crit anything it’d be that I can’t tell what is going on with their poses because the inhuman anatomy makes it a little difficult to read.. also the way the scythian’s posed makes it look like she’s tucking her feet up like a lil damsel and that’s kind of weird for her..