guys that question was mostly rhetorical, i know how cats are about food lmfao

literally none of you thought about how inherently comical it is that a tiny kitten tried to carry off an entire hotdog in his fucking mouth you missed my eNTIRE POINT

things that I want to draw:

  • ballet quentin
  • comics about OTPs
  • skyrim characters

things that I need to draw: 

  • commissions
  • chaos
  • pictures I owe people


crowley this week!!


sketch/value guide for my next etching print

didn’t mean for this to be quite so shippy ehehe

it’ll probably look quite different as a print, so crit’s not exactly what I need, but if you’ve any suggestions for better values and etc I’d be more than happy to hear them

edit: oops i just realised i forgot to finish the trees

fuckit im going to bed

lmao just keep that in mind whatever

txen is a weirdo and thinks everyone in sworcery was some kind of weird alien because she’s insane, but this is still a really fucking great print bhfdlkgfh

if I had to crit anything it’d be that I can’t tell what is going on with their poses because the inhuman anatomy makes it a little difficult to read.. also the way the scythian’s posed makes it look like she’s tucking her feet up like a lil damsel and that’s kind of weird for her..

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This being the day of Valentines I find it only appropriate to post my favourite romancy/full of mush song. Makes me think of a bright lazy morning in bed spending it with someone you care about. Sigh. Until that day I will daydream and listen to this lovely diddy by Maria Taylor. Happy Valentines day to all you lonely/happily taken/or just loving being single tumblrs out there.

We’ll bathe in rose petals, red
And lie in violet lilac beds
And through the darkness of the night
We’ll watch our future shining bright
And out of everyone I’ve met
It’s you I can’t forget..

I wish I had been a huge feminist when I wrote Chaos like I am now, because I’m looking back on some of it and going “jesus what was I thinking”

casually cuts/obfuscates every instance of romance subplots or damsels in distress in Chaos……..