wow both are gorgeous but particularly like the second one! * O *

thank you!!! i’m really proud of the hands on that one. the finished product is going to be printed as an 18x24” gig poster (not for any real concert, just as an assignment). originally it was going to be Alt-J (hence the delta!!) but i might do C2C or Pendulum instead

Oils are a gift from the gods and I hope you come to love them dearly, if you don’t already.

ahhh ohh i love them a lot!!! i haven’t used them in a long time but ohhh they’re so buttery and workable, but thinning them out just enough makes it so that they don’t take a million years to dry, they’re just perfect… i could write love letters to oils. oils and gouache are my painting posse

#comradewodka heh heheh heHEH

i know what txen likes

comradewodka replied to your photo “LOOK AT THIS RIDICULOUS THING WE’RE SELLING AT MY WORK WOW (of COURSE…”


don’t be jealous :^)

That’s really interesting to me because the cliques thing is something I have heard from one other person at a different school! But not something I’ve noticed at my own… possibly because classes are just too small.

i mean i’ll be real, i’m an insecure human being who has trouble with attachment and making friendships, so i tend to be hyperaware of it when i think i might possibly be being excluded or snubbed by other people. but i think it’s also not unfair to say that there is a lot of gossip that goes around every minute of every day (that I participate in, even), and once people have chosen their group of people that they want to be close to, they often aren’t overly friendly or inclusive of anyone else.

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oh my god#
tyuran » omfg that fuckin' gun-in-back picture you reblogged tho I spent like a solid minute staring at it before I realized the dude was wearing a belt and not a gun-thong (???) (the belt is rrrrreally close to the skin tone on the back there) fffhahahaha
(it’s OK i’d already found your furry blog on my own whoops)

I MEAN its not that hard to find, i’ve linked it here before and my tags are p obvious so………… idk why i keep them separate at all anymore tbh. just Being A Weenie About It i guess hahaha. it just has porn on it but i also have a porn blog so uh????? w/e

At least you’re not a transformer…? (????? probably???)

knowing txen its only a matter of time

dexbee replied to your post “yo does anybody know of any trans* resources in KC?? it feels like…”

There’s actually a place on Ward pkwy that has therapy and referrals for medical treatments of literally every sort. It’s called transgender institute, i pree sure. They have a LOT of resources and services.

yeah, i’ve heard of that place!! i’m looking at their website now and it looks like it’s better than it used to be. they got a couple new therapists this year and the lady who runs the place looks like she edited her description of her services to be more inclusive of nonbinary people. rad!!!

tyuran said: I had to go look up what at least one of those things was. I bet if you like… heated up a needle… (though obv on the other hand I assume they’re hella expensive so! Possibly not a bright idea.)

it depends on what kind you buy and where, tbh! i’ve seen packers go for as little as $7.50. a lot of them are made out of silicone and im not sure how that reacts to heat, i’d have to do some more research, but l m a o i’m so excited about this discovery

I do not have the patience for halftones either—from what I’ve seen, the only way to make them always work is to apply them at the last minute before sending off to print/publishing for web, so that they’re customized for every medium.
Alternatively, I guess you could work without anti-aliasing anything at web resolutions and just have REALLY HARD EDGED prints with no fine details but tbqh that sounds like a terrible idea.

eeeexactly. which is too bad, because I really like halftones. (I just downloaded this set and the blotchy halftone-y brush shown in the preview is just gorgeousss) gee maybe this means I’ll have to engineer my own brushes instead of downloading them~~~~~~

and tbh I’ve seen some peeps who do relatively low-res illustrations with no aliasing and the effect can be pretty nice sometimes?? a lot of artists who favor oekaki/pchat tend to work that way, since pchat tends to be both hard-edged and low-res. tbh pixel-y/aliased prints actually sounds SUPER appealing to me right now, but it is a v specific look though and not one that I think I want all the time hahaha

To answer with a question: can a sexualized person have agency? Hell yes, imo. Is objectification inherently harmful? Iiiii’m not sold on it, but it sure doesn’t help that it nearly always feeds cultural biases about gender.

I think you hit the nail RIGHT on the head. Dirk also had this to say on twitter—

"gosh that’s tough, but I dunno. I try and think of the ways men are depected when shown as hot. with agency, competency, etc. they’re whole people instead of just booby set piece. […]"

I think agency is the defining difference. And I agree that objectification can be good or bad depending on the context, and currently, the context is gender and sexism.

I’m asking because I think, if I do a mini artbook of porn or pinups, and those images include women, I don’t want those women to be objectified. Women are objectified constatly in mainstream porn, and I would like to do something different. (On the flip side, I won’t feel any qualms about objectifying the shit out of men, as well as placing them in situations where they are on display for the enjoyment of women viewers— since that’s a thing that mainstream porn also doesn’t really do much of.) I’m trying to figure out exactly how to sexualize women without turning them into sex toys, even when each woman only appears in a single image, and I think displaying agency is the key to doing that.

Animal-based character designs: doofy dudes in suits edition!!