i’m really cranky about Life Shit tonight and this post is probably passive aggressive

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i feel like i have a very flat + expressionless art style. I think my faces are okay, but it’s trying to loosen up that body that I feel like I need to work on the most. And other things.

I feel like I’m good with color and uh, color. I feel like I have a good grasp of color and design elements when it comes to my art. BUT. I really do want critique. Like I know I really need to work on environment. That’s the biggest thing I really want to get the hang of as I get better. But I’m starting to draw more now and I feel like I need to take some things into consideration. 

These are two of my newest drawings from the past couple of weeks, and IDK. if anyone has any input on what I should work on would be much appreciated. Obvious anatomical stuff, but idk maybe advice on what I can do to get that stuff right?



tbh i really admire your style a lot for how varied & exaggerated your faces and proportions are. they’re very interesting and pleasing to look at. i think if you’re worried about having less stiff posing, maybe take some time to do a couple really quick, gestural thumbnail sketches of diff poses before you draw a character?? try to make them as fluid & exaggerated & quick as you can, and then base your final drawings on that.

personally i like to draw lots of little thumbnails and then just upscale them in photoshop and draw on top of them. i do that with all my comic pages & the majority of my digital illustrations. doing thumbnails is something i’d def recommend to p much anyone

talkin about hrt

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i kinda wish that timeline extended further back b/c tbh that shit was so interesting

i dunno exactly when cartoons became A Big Thing but i’m pretty sure they got their start shortly after the end of silent movies, with early disney (steamboat willy anyone?) and looney toons. and then it was just all looney toons all the time on tv right up until the start of that timeline, in the mid-90s?? i mean, i was born in ‘93, and i was aware enough to remember the time when “cartoons” pretty much meant “looney toons” exclusively. people like chuck jones and tex avery were god for as long as that era ran, and it lasted decades. i’d like to see a timeline or some kind of representation of the evolution of looney toons, as well as a sidelong timeline for nickelodeon’s shows/properties. i don’t even know what nick does anymore aside from their live action shows, korra, and spongebob.






friendly reminder that!! self diagnosis is just as good as a professional diagnosis and saying that it isnt is classist and ableist uwu


ok so i was told this was problematic and im just gonna say this

self-diagnosis is unsafe. do whatever you have to to get a proper diagnosis by a doctor. no amount of research can get you exactly what you need to know about your illness because doctors have trained for literally YEARS and are able to help people who have mental/emotional disabilities and will always tell you the truth and give you the advice and/or medication that you need

apparently the last time i told you to drop your whole persona of flapping around your shitty opinions you didn’t listen so here we go again having to help my roommate deal with your miserable ass

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i really miss rping and having like, Close-Knit Creative Friends but i think im going to try and fill the void by getting disgustingly invested in my own ocs like i used to and hope that like, maybe someone will also be into it and i won’t end up just doing it alone lmao

im going to tentatively make a post about this b/c ive asked at least one person for advice on this but i feel like maybe other people could also give me advice. its about gay girl stuff

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tonight i went out to westport w/ mike to celebrate his birthday and we walked there, because we both wanted to drink and im al,pst oit of ags and its only like tenn bmintues away aand its super nice out so like why not

and on the way back we passed by the blarney stone- a sort of dive bar a block from the apartment that mainly cators to tpartons who are either punks or older dudes. there were a few people standing outside, like usual for a friday night, but some dude was staring at us really really hard. i actively refused to look at him (i was talking to mike and generally my rule of thumb with dudes being aggressive at me when i am walking home late at night is to Not Engage) but he had really aggressive body language and as we got within two feet of him he started singing???

i didn’t listen to what he was saying but mike said he was singing something about homos. he thought that me and mike were gay boys and he was mad about it. even though i am wearing a tiny plaid skirt. he definitely wanted to start a fight with us because he was mad about us holding hands. im glad neither of us engaged but what a hilarious and strangely wonderful occurrence. stay frosty, aggressive homophobe

gender/feelings update—

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ive been sick since yesterday and i just feel miserable and i worked 7 hours today followed by 2 hours of driving around kansas city trying to find a target and then subsequently finding the mysteriously hidden toilet paper within said target and i’m fuckin exhausted

i also took out my septum ring yesterday because i was sniffly and disgusting and didn’t try to put one back in until today and it won’t fit. i’m trying to figure out whether its worth it to try and stretch the thing back up myself (im trying now and it’s really not fun, but the piercing place that has helped me do this kind of thing in the past and that originally did my septum/labret is now closed) or just give up and not have a septum piercing anymore, since i don’t want/can’t afford to get it re pierced.

i also have to be awake in 9 hours for another work shift tomorrow morning, after which i have to clean my room and empty my closet and do laundry in preparation of the exterminator coming to finally get rid of these goddamn bedbugs that we’ve had for literally a month

i’m feeling pretty bad all around tbh. not a good day and i’m already feeling kind of down about myself and anxious about school starting so im just. kinda fallin apart here. falls into bed