i included some references to fight club in my last essay for my Western Thoughts On Death & Dying class this summer and im a little bit surprised that it wasnt on the recommended reading list b/c a lot of it deals w/ death and anti-consumerism

i havent really studied it or read what other people have said about it who HAVE studied it but i think it has a lot of interesting things to say. i dunno what real viable conclusions it ends up with other than “consumerism is bad” because obviously tyler durden’s conclusion of “blow up everything and live in the woods like Ye Olden Times” isnt really a viable one for the world at large, but maybe it doesn’t really try any harder than that, i dunno. i should probably reread it, i haven’t read it in a really long time

like bronies would be really cool if they were more like “wow, a cool show for little girls! awesome! it’s all about friendship and solving problems without being shitty to anyone. little girls are rad and it’s good shows like this exist for them. ” and not “let me focus my entire interest in this show on how much i want to fuck that horse. also little girls are shit and they can get out because this is mine now.”

trans and then double trans, then triple trans. mega trans. ultra trans. chunky trans swirl



when i think about a future where i’m doing drag king shit, i think of that as being more trans. not because afab trans culture is more authentic or w/e but because that’s the product of a longer and more intense personal journey and evolution than where i was a year ago or where i am now. if i ever wound up being taken even remotely seriously i’d throw that away even harder than i threw away being a man in the first place because trans is a game and i play it to win

from a cisnormative perspective this is going backwards and forwards over and over, from my perspective this is a continuous journey forwards. whatever endpoint i reach when i die is the product of however many years i’ve been alive and i don’t think going backwards is possible

what if a future where everyone just kind of cycles through different versions of transness for their whole lives, like gender inception. we have to go deeper





rick and morty is my favorite cartoon but it also contains a lot of jokes that probably deserve a content warning. in order to keep recommending this show, i wanted to go through every episode and compile a list of Troubling Things that people…

Its a fucking tv show why do you have to dissect it like this.

Jesus, the smallest things can offend people these days.

yes you’re right everyone who has ever been assaulted and doesn’t want to be casually reminded of that fact while trying to watch a cartoon or is uncomfortable with the sight of gore should just put on their big kid undies and get over it. you are definitely a cool person with a lot of empathy and understanding of the concept of “triggers” and the point of content warnings.

i literally just made a list of content warnings for people who don’t want to see certain things so that they can be warned about them and avoid them if those things upset them. it isn’t about being “offended” or being some kind of morality police— i literally do not care about most of the shit in this show, and i haven’t said a single thing about whether i think it’s funny or no big deal or terrible that tv shows have jokes like this. i pointed out that honestly it’s one of my favorite cartoons and i think its side-splittingly hilarious 90% of the time. i’m merely pointing out the fact that, even in a good show that i love, jokes about upsetting concepts exist and where, so that people who don’t want to participate in them because they don’t find those things funny (usually because casual jokes like that can remind people of seriously traumatic events) can avoid them.

please grow some empathy, and until then, find a different hobby than getting a hair up your butt about this stuff. i think it’s pretty obvious who is actually offended by this, and it’s you.

also i really can’t exaggerate how hard we have laughed over those 1-star amazon sugarless haribo gummi bears reviews. please. god. it’s so funny. read them aloud for best comedic effect. people have put so much work into these reviews and they deserve to be read

i’m talking about this on twitter but i’m going to talk about it here too:

i’m about as mad about bad trans representation as i am about disney’s sameface lady-characters, which is to say, not a lot. there’s a lot of ways you can extrapolate those things into a representation of really awful things— racism, transmisogyny, etc— but even in a best-case scenario, it’s just boring. like, gee, you did this thing that dozens upon hundreds upon thousands of other people have done, aren’t you ~mister big-shot coolguy creative-type~. i’ll willingly defend anybody’s desire to make stories that are tragic or have no good-feeling moral lesson at the end, but even then, if you had the opportunity to do something different— something creative— that you chose not to, and isn’t really worth defending. even to somebody whose only devotion is to the quality of what they make, all these skinny-pretty-snow-white-protags and queers-only-validated-by-death are some real boring-ass garbage.

there’s also a responsibility to your audience. that means putting out content that is as quality as you are able to make it— well-made, with some kind of effort, with good content. (i say this all with a pretty wide definition of what counts as “quality” and “effort”— these things vary wildly depending on what you’re going for and your limits and your intent.) the bigger the audience you have, the greater responsibility you have to not be a shitbag, and to not give your audience any excuses to be shitbags because they’re following your lead or looking at your content.

whatever you do, don’t pat yourself on the back for making things that are awful or mediocre, and take criticisms from the people who think your content has issues. don’t handle yourself the way john green or neil gaiman have recently— your devotion to your art should absolutely stop if it people tell you that it’s hurting them.

general reply to genderthings

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i was about to blacklist “nintendo” or “e3” or something because i am not very invested in anything e3 has had to offer this year but then i started seeing people talking about their headcanons about link being nonbinary and now im listening